Overwatch is published for three platforms. But what does the multiplayer shooter from best: On the PC, or at the console? Experiencing it in our graphics comparison.

The answer is likely no surprise: Thanks to the hardware of the PC, Overwatch sees on a computer from the best. The shadows are realistic, the textures just crisp.

Subject to the appropriate hardware ye also with nearly 200 frames per second, the most liquid and most pleasant image of all versions. Nevertheless, the PS4 version must not hide. Check out the different versions of the video by our colleague Stefan Seiler from Youtube Channel Candyland yourself to.

Thanks to the comic adhere Looks the Playstation 4 version looks very round and well. The biggest difference between console and PC are the better resolution and smoother image on the computer.

Overwatch is published on 24 May 2016 PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In the future, all new characters and all new maps will be free.


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