The cat is out of the bag : Electronic Arts and DICE have Battlefield 1 , the new part of the shooter series , announced in a major live -stream event . Now, the first pre-order promotions live : who preordered Battlefield 1 , gets two big bonuses ! Battlefield 1 appears on October 21, 2016 PC , Playstation 4 and Xbox One . Customers on PC and Xbox have a little time advantage : With EA Access ( XBO ) and Origin Access ( PC ) you can start a week before PS4 players .

The Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition includes ( in addition to the pre-order bonuses ) :

” Red Baron ” -Pack and ” Lawrence of Arabia ” -Pack with thematically appropriate weapons , vehicles and objects five Battlepacks with a combination of objects three optical changes : the Frontline Camouflage Train , the Night Raid Airship and the Dazzle Camouflage Dreadnought Battleship

In addition to the normal version of DICE also offers a great, but expensive Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition of the Reserve. They cost between 210 euros and 220 euros – depending on the platform. The collector version of Battlefield 1 contains (in addition to the pre-order bonuses): Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition main game Collector’s Edition Statue (14 inches / 35.5 cm) Steelbook Luxury Fabric Poster card game Pigeon messages tube code for DLC content Patches quality box packaging Here you can pre-order Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition: Battlefield 1 is the new part of the Battlefield series and plays in the First World War. The campaign tells the stories of several characters from different perspectives. It is already confirmed that Battlefield 1 will play in the Italian Alps, the deserts of Arabia and the trenches of France. In multiplayer occur again up to 64 players against each other – including all features that you would expect from modern shooters, such as weapons-Customization, aircraft and vehicles and destruction effects on the cards.

Correction Note : In an earlier version of this article, we have argued that you get the Early Enlister deluxe version of Battlefield 1 at no extra charge as a preorder . This information is obviously false : The Deluxe Edition costs 20 euros more . We have the lists now complemented with proper links and correct prices.

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